1.2.1Diploma in Business Management

A. Title of Course

     Diploma in Business Management

B. Overview

     The Diploma in Business Management course is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical         perspective of business management. Students will be trained to achieve competency in                                               business management practices and knowledge through lectures, tutorials, discussions, researches                               and assignments covering subjects related to financial accounting, business, management, marketing and human       resource.

     The course is suitable for students who aspire to develop a successful business or venture in the arena of                     business development. It is also appropriate for industry personnel who wish to reinforce their knowledge and           attain a professional qualification as a booster for their career advancement.

      Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the Diploma in Business Management by            Exerceo Business International College (Exerceo). Successful students can continue their advancement in                  education through enrolling into Exerceo’s Higher Diploma in Business Management or look forward to                    performing their roles as business executives in various industrial sectors.

C.   Objective

The course aims to:

1. To equip students with knowledge and theories in the aspects of business management

2. To develop students intellectual capabilities of interpretation and analysis, critical evaluation, selection and        synthesis, research and problem solving skills

3. To analyse the business management environment and adopt innovative approaches to the development of          business management

D.    Course Structure   

a.     Course Outline

The course consists of 5 modules:

 1. Financial Accounting

 2. Business Communication

 3. Principle of Management

 4. Marketing 

 5. Human Resource Management

Financial Management

This module provides detailed explanation about the accounting issues in an organization’s daily activities which includes accounting confirmation, calculation and report, all of whom are resulted from the fluctuation of the six accounting elements comprising assets, liability, equity, income, cost and profit. This module intends to help students learn about the basic accounting theory and accounting method so that they can account for actual business transactions in companies and provide the accounting report according.

Business Communication

This module aims to promote an understanding of key concepts of business communication as it applies to today’s organizations. Students will be exposed to the different frameworks of studying and understanding foundation of business communication and apply the step in writing process for crafting brief message for reporting and oral presentation.

Principle of Management

This module equips the students with the explanation of the basic theory, knowledge, skills, and techniques of management, and combines with case study to enhance student’s ability of problem analyzing and solving. The module covers the following: 

i.   Basic theory and technique of management; 

ii.  History of the development of theories and ideas of management; 

iii. Basic function of management such as planning, organizing, lead, control, etc. As well as their correlations; 

iv. Basic knowledge of human resource in recruitment and training; and

v.  Theory of inspiration and method of innovation.


This module equips students with the basic theory, knowledge, skills and techniques of marketing, combines with case study to enhance student’s ability to problem analyzing and solving. The module covers the following:

 1. Basic concepts of marketing;

 2. Marketing management;

 3. Analysis of marketing environment;

 4. Market research and prediction;

 5. Customer behaviour;

 6. Competitors and competition strategies;

 7. Marketing in a tight market;

 8. Product analyzing and marketing strategies;

 9. Price decision and price strategic choice; and

 10. Marketing channels as well as it’s selection and management; 

 11. Promotion of product and selection of promotion strategies; and

 12. Corporation identity design and treatment with the crisis when organization encountered.

Human Resource Management

This module equip students with the basic theory and method of human resource management, and know the common procedure of human resource management in companies. The module covers the following:

 Introduction to human resource management;



 Recruitment and employment;

 Performance management;

 Compensation management;

 Training and career development;

 Labour relationship and human resource management in a cross-culture environment.

b.      Scope of Study

         Principles, theories, methodologies and skills

c.      Delivery Mode

 Lectures, tutorials, discussions and researches

d.     Commencement Dates / Intakes

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e.     Course Duration

Part-time:6 months

Maximum allowable period to complete the course is 12 months from date of course commencement

f.     Class Period


2 contact  hrs per session, 2 sessions per week or

4 contact hrs per session , 1 session per week

4 contact hrs per week

Total Contact Hours = 96 hours

g.    Course Fees

        Registery fee : $321

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h.     Payment Mode

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 For further information or clarification, please call our Student Support   

        Services Officer at +65 6221 0603

i.     Assessments

      100% Assignment

j.     Assessment Methods

        No        Assessment Type                         Mark allocation

        1.     Course work assignment                       100%

k.    Assessment Grading Criteria

Grade                 Marks

Distinction     80 and above

Merit              65 to 79

Pass                50 to 64

Fail                 0 to 49


l.    Expected Examination Results Release Date

       Assessment results shall be released within 3 months upon completion of the last assessment.

m.   Qualification Award

Diploma in Business Management awarded by Exerceo Business International College

n.     Graduation Requirements

         Achieved a ‘Pass’ for all modules

o.     Teacher Qualifications

 The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is duly notified on all teachers in Exerceo Business                         International College.  All teachers have the required qualifications. Please refer to our Teacher List in the   website for more details.

 Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:30

 Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable         seating capacity  

p.     Progression Pathway​

Diploma in Business Management   ———>   Higher Diploma in Business Management  awarded by Exerceo Business International College   

 E.    Entry Requirements

Age:   At least 16 years old

Academic:   Minimum 3 Passes at GCE ‘O’ Level or Completion of Secondary or High School or


For mature candidates who does not meet the above MER, the candidate must be at least 21 years old with 3 years working experience

Language Proficiency:   Pass in English at GCE ‘O’ Level or High School or equivalent