Principal’s Message

Education, without doubt, is the means to escape from poverty and discriminating social conditions. But education itself is by no means the answer to prosperity, what you do with it, between the means and the ends is what matters. The primary and secondary education that we receive helps shape who we become and ingrains values in an implicit manner. Tertiary education in tradition continues to provide us depth of understanding, gives us skills to navigate through life and designs our philosophy. Yet tertiary education does not promise success in life or career, unless by design it ingrains values, skills and experiences that will help one to adapt to life after school and proceed to build a rewarding career.

Exerceo Business International College’s team of industry and academic professionals deliver customised course content which will make our graduates greatly sought after. Our belief in the purpose of education as a tool for career and economic growth ensures that the content is well researched to include knowledge, skills and practical experience that enable betterment in life and career for our students.

At Exerceo, our management team and the Board of Directors have created a thriving organisational climate that is based on planning, research and development, and effective management to achieve the vision of Exerceo. Our team of new age educators is committed to nurturing a next generation of leaders and professionals. Exerceo’s premium boutique school concept offers personalised services, with which I am sure our students and parents will be delighted. Our passionate student support team will ensure that students from all over the world are cared for and enjoy a hassle-free education experience.

I welcome you to our world of education where the beauty of learning is redefined. The opportunities are yours for the taking and I wish you every success.

Xue Yong


Exerceo Business International College