Selection and Admission Procedure

Objectives of Determining Eligibility

  1. To impose minimum requirements in order to maintain the College’s educational standards
  2. To provide a clear indication to prospective students of what studies they must undertake and what results they must achieve if they are to be considered for admission to Exerceo Business International College
  3. To ensure that the students selected into a course are those with the best prospects of successful completion
  4. To ensure fair, open and consistent practices for admission and selection, taking into account the College’s access and equity objectives.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum entry requirements for admission courses of the College shall be determined by the Academic Board. The minimum will comprise of:

  • a prescribed minimum age
  • a prescribed minimum Language competency
  • a prescribed minimum academic qualifications or results


A. Application

     Pre-course Counselling is conducted to students prior to course application and acknowledgement from student is  required to ensure the pre-course counselling session conducted was informative and complete. Applicant completes the ‘Course Application Form’ and submit together with the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Education certificates and transcripts

B. Eligibility

     Applicant is assessed for selection based on meeting the course’s minimum entry requirements comprising:

  • Age
  • Academic qualifications
  • Language Proficiency

C. Selection

     Exerceo Business International College performs the selection exercise, selecting applicant for admission based on the following:

  • Meeting the course’s minimum entry requirements
  • Relative merit and other factors such as recognizing prior learning and availability of allowable placement.

D. Admission

     Exerceo shall issue a formal letter in the form of ‘Letter of Acceptance’ to inform the applicant that he/she is successful in his/her application.

     The following will be issued to the selected application for admission:

  • Advisory Note to Student
  • Student Contract

E. New Student Orientation

   Exerceo shall conduct ‘New Student Orientation’ briefing to all new students not later than 1 week after the course had commenced.