College Policies

  1. Confidentiality and Security Policy
    • All collected data and information are strictly used for internal use only. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the integrity of confidential information is not compromised unless the disclosure is required by laws, order of any courts of Singapore and government agencies.
  2. Dispute Resolution Policy
    • Exerceo treat all grievances, disputes and appeals as important feedback. Exerceo are committed to resolving any feedback/complaint received within 21 working days. If the complaint is not resolved amicably within the stipulated period by the school or if the student is not satisfied with the outcome from the school, the student may seek redress via:
    • CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme; or
    • The Small Claims Tribunals (SCT), for clear cut fee refund issues of equivalent or less than S$10,000 #; or
    • Student’s own legal counsel
      # For amounts that exceed SGD$10,000 but is less than SGD$20,000, the claim can still proceed with SCT if both parties consent to it in writing.
  3. Refund Policy
    • Exerceo allows refund for the following reasons:
      1. Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course
      2. Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons
      3. Refund During Cooling-Off Period
    • Please refer to our College Procedures for more details, the list of non-refundable fees and the Refund Procedure.
  4. Course Transfer Policy
    • Exerceo allows students to transfer from a course X to another course Y within the college. This is treated as a withdrawal from course X (refund policy will apply) and a re-enrolment with Exerceo into course Y.
    • Please refer to our College Procedures for more details and the Transfer Procedure.
  5. Course Withdrawal Policy
    • Any student who wishes to withdraw from a course is required to submit the ‘FRM-022 Withdrawal Request Form’ duly completed with reason for withdrawing and signed to the College. If the student is below 18 years of age, the parent or guardian’s approval for the transfer / withdrawal will be required.
    • Transferring to a different PEI is deemed as Withdrawal from the course.
    • Please refer to our College Procedures for more details and the Withdrawal Procedure.
  6. Course Deferment Policy
    • Exerceo allows students to defer from the course/module of study with a clear reason stated, subjected to management approval.
    • Please refer to our College Procedures for more details and the Deferment Procedure.
  7. Student Discipline Policy
    • All student shall ensure that their behavior is at all times respectful of others and supportive of learning environment. Exerceo shall not tolerate any of the following behaviour/offence:
      a.  dishonesty
      b.  misconduct
      c. disruption of the academic environment
      d. vandalize and/or destruction of College property
      e. fraud
      f. misdemeanour or other offence against persons or things
      g. failure to abide by the college’s regulations and policies
      h. failure to respect the right of others
    • Student who violates any of the College’s policy or misbehave, as listed above, will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions commensurate with the seriousness of the offence. Such disciplinary sanctions shall in the below stated sequence:
      a. 1st Counselling
      b. 1st Warning Letter
      c. 2nd & Final Warning Letter
      d. Expelled from the school
  8. Student Attendance Policy
    • All students who are holders of a Student’s Pass, must achieved a minimum attendance of 90% per month as stipulated by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

      Exerceo is obliged to notify the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) whenever the student on Student’s Pass is absent continuously for more than seven (7) days or if the monthly attendance is less than 90% without a valid reason.
    • Exerceo has stipulated that student must achieved at least 75% attendance rate to qualify for assessment/examination or submission of assignment.
    • All students must submit a valid medical certificate to Student Support Services whenever absent on medical ground.

      Students who need to apply for leave of absence with valid reason(s) must submit the application form to Admin. Department for management approval prior to making travelling arrangement. Approval by the management will be considered on a case by case basis.
      (Please take note that written approval from parent or legal guardian is required for students below 18 years old).

      Failure to abide by the above stated is also subjected to disciplinary sanctions stated in the above Student Discipline Policy.
  9. Student Assessment Policy
    • Release of Student Assessment Results
      Student Assessment Results will be released through email within 3 months after the date of assessment.
    • Student Assessment Award
      Students who have met the following criteria will be informed through their course consultant on their successful completion of the course:
      • Met all course requirements for graduation
      • Minimum overall attendance of 75% for the entire course
      • Fees paid in full
    • Student Assessment Appeal Procedure
      Students who have not passed their modules may submit an appeal for review of results using FRM-009 Results Appeal Form through the Student Support Services Manager giving their reasons.

      Students can approach any Student Support Services Staff for the form.

      This appeal must be submitted within 7 working days from the release of exam results, together with payment of the required fee stated under miscellaneous fees.

      The appeal results will be sent via email to the student within 4 weeks for in-house courses and within 8 weeks for courses collaborated with external partner, from the official date of release of the exam results.