Standard PEI-Student Contract

  • The Standard PEI-Student Contract (Student Contract) is considered as a legal document between Exerceo Business International College and the student.
  • Exerceo Business International College will explain the contents of the student contract in English and/or in the students’ native language, if needed.
  • Each contract is valid for admission to one course only.
  • Students are required to sign 2 (Two) original sets of the Student Contract. A copy will be kept by the student and the other to be submitted to Exerceo Business International College.
  • Any amendment made to the contract which constituted to a change in the original intent will required both the student and the college’s representative to sign beside the amendment(s) on both set of the Student Contract.
  • No field shall be left blank in the Student Contract. Where it is not applicable, it will be filled with ‘N.A.’.