Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (E-Learning)

A.   Title of Course

Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (E-Learning)

B.   Overview

The Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a complete, comprehensive and managerial useful discussion and theoretical illustration in the hospitality and tourism industry. The up-to-date resource provides the most relevant models, theories for hospitality and tourism practices for those interested in managing effectively in today’s competitive international hospitality and tourism industry. It discusses the role of strategy in creating firm value and growth and stresses the relationship between leadership theory, strategic thinking and financial management. The various business models discussed in hospitality and tourism Industry provides a realistic, balanced, and current view of the field by considering the practical aspects of the strategic manager’s role and relationships with external stakeholders.

The Higher Diploma offers good opportunities to graduates seeking a change in their career or for those who are currently working in the industry and require further training to enhance their career opportunities. The dynamic and rapidly developing Hospitality and Tourism industry are in need of leaders possessing a robust combination of theoretical and experiential knowledge.

  •   Objective

The Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management aims to equip students with the fundamental and concept of business management relating to hospitality and tourism industries. Students will develop higher-level skills in managing tourism and hospitality organizations which prepare them in key management positions.

D.   Course Structure

  1. Course Outline

The course consists of 6 modules:

  1. Principle of Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Business Communication
  4. Development & Planning in Tourism & Hospitality
  5. Managing Change and Innovation
  6. Tourism and Hospitality Business Development

Principle of Management

The module aims to equip learners with basic theory, knowledge and skills and techniques of management, and combines with case study to promote student’s ability of problem analyzing and solving. After learning this module, students should grasp the basic theory and technique of management; know the history of the development of theories and ideas of management; master the basic function of management such as plan, organization, lead, control, etc, as well as their correlations; gasp the analytical skills of management environment and method; know how to set-up the management goal; gasp the basic knowledge of human resource in recruitment and training; gasp the theory of inspiration and method of innovation.

Human Resource Management

The content covers human resource management introduction, planning, analysis, recruitment and employment, performance management, compensation management, training, career development, labour relationship and human resource management in a cross-culture environment, etc. After learning, students should grasp the basic theory and method of human resource management, and know the common procedure of human resource management in companies.

Business Communication

This module has been developed to promote an understanding of key concepts of business communication as it applies to today’s organizations. Student will be exposed to the different frameworks of studying and understanding foundation of business communication and apply three step writing process for crafting brief message for reporting and oral presentation.

Development & Planning in Tourism & Hospitality

The aim of this module is to provide the students with an appreciation of the development and planning involved in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors. It enables the student to understand and apply concepts, knowledge and techniques learned through MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) industry, identifying a career path for further development.

Managing Change & Innovation

The aim of this module is to provide students with an appreciation of managing changes and innovation in the organisation. It enables students to understand the challenging issues in managing various stakeholders involved in the change process.

Tourism and Hospitality Business Development

The aim of this module is to equip students with the fundamental understanding in tourism and hospitality business development from the perceptive of global demand in tourism growth, the efforts contributed by the country’s various public sectors to stimulate the tourism sector.

b. Scope of Study

Principles, Theories, Case Studies

c. Delivery Mode

Lessons delivered through e-learning

d. Commencement Dates / Intakes

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e. Course Duration

Part-time:  8 months

Contact Hours:  128 hours   

f. Class Period


2 contact hrs per session, 2 sessions per week

4 contact hrs per week

Total Contact hours: 128 hrs

g.     Course Fees

Application fee : $327

This course is currently under review.

h.     Payment Mode

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For further information or clarification, please call our Student Support Services Officer at +65 6221 0603

i.   Assessments


j.  Assessment Methods

             NoAssessment TypeMark allocation
1.Course work assignment100%
  • Assessment Grading Criteria
  • Expected Examination Results Release Date

Assessment results shall be released within 3 months upon completion of the last assessment.

  • Qualification Award

Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

awarded by Exerceo Business International College

  • Graduation Requirements

Pass all module assignments

  • Teacher Qualifications

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is duly notified on all teachers in Exerceo Business International College.  All teachers have the required qualifications. Please refer to Our Teachers list in the website for more details.

Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:30

Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity 

  • Progression Pathway

Successfully completed students may wish to further their studies through enrolling into Post-Graduate Diploma related courses offered by Exerceo Business International College subject to meeting the entry requirements or enrolling into an external university subject to meeting the minimum entry requirements set by the university

 E.   Entry Requirements


At least 18 years old and above


Minimum 2 passes at GCE ‘A’ Level or Completion of Senior High School or Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism or Diploma in related discipline or equivalent.

For mature candidates who does not meet the above MER, the candidate must be at least 21 years old with 5 years working experience.

Language Proficiency:  

Pass in English at GCE ‘O’ Level or High School or equivalent

This course is currently not being run.